Lexington School District Four Core Values 

Grow: We continually learn through individual inquiry, collaborative practice, and purposeful reflection.

Serve: We compassionately support one another through nurturing and empowering relationships.

Innovate: We purposefully transform our practices to provide a personalized pathway to success for every student.

Welcome to SHS United!

This page reflects information from both campuses:

Swansea High Freshman Academy and Swansea High School.

Graduation Information

THE SC Department of Education requires students in specific course to take the Student End of Course Examination Program (EOCEP).  The End of Course Exam counts 20% of the student's final average in that class. This state given assessment is an online assessment.  The grade the student earns on the EOC will be entered in the exam column of the report card. 

Students at SHS are encouraged to get a good night rest the day before, eat a good breakfast, and arrive on time a exams will begin at the start of the school day.  Students at SHS will take EOC in the following courses on the following days: 
Friday, May 17 - US History
Monday, May 20 - English II Pilot - Reading (*this is a new pilot exam and will not count 20% of the student's final grade)
Tuesday, May 21 - English II Pilot - Writing (*this is a new pilot exam and will not count 20% of the student's final grade)
Thursday, May 23 - Algebra I
Friday, May 24 - Biology I

Congratulations to our 2019-20 Teacher of the Year -

Ms. Tammy Jones!

Congratulations to the Region 5 AAA Athletic Director of the Year -

Coach Chris Register!

Congratulations to the South Carolina NHD Teacher of the Year for the Senior Division - Ms. Laura Liger!

Swansea High School Renovation Pictures


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Important District Policies

As a member of Lexington 4, we will adhere to the rules set forth by the school board.  Please review the policy regarding electronics.  The policy is JICJ - Use of Electronics and Cellphones in Schools.  

Tobacco usage, including vapes/e-cigarettes, is prohibited at Swansea High.  For more information about the effects of vaping, please read the following articles:  Kids Who Vape Face Toxins and Concerns over Health Effects of Vaping - CBS Article.