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Guidance Services

What can guidance do for the students of the Swansea High School?

  Guidance services are available to every student at Swansea High School .  Students may schedule appointments in the guidance area.  Appointments may be made during class time with teacher permission.

  Parents/ guardians are also welcome to consult with the guidance counselor. Parent conferences are often helpful when a student is experiencing academic or personal problems. Or when students are in the process of setting goals for the future. 

  Students are urged to see the counselor whenever an academic or personal problem arises. Information given to guidance counselors is strictly confidential unless a students’ safety is an issue.

  Guidance Programs:

  Leader's Edge: Leader's Edge is a group designed to help students develop already existing leadership skills for the betterment of their school and community.

  Lunch Bunch:  Student's can request to eat lunch with the guidance counselor during their lunch period to discuss any issues they may be having in school.  They may bring up to 4 of their friends with them to lunch.

  Career Guidance Workshops: Each month students can sign-up to join Ms. Porter and Ms. Williams in researching a career cluster offered in Lexington School District #4. Every month is a different career clusterwhich allows undecided students the opportunity to explore their future career options.  Students will research specific careers in that cluster to determine if this is a field they may be interested in for their future.
"Ensuring Student Success at the Highest Level."

Latoya Williams, Last Names A- J

Moira Porter, Last Names K- Z

  • Contact Information

    Latoya Williams

    Students Last Names A-J

    Email: lwilliams@lexington4.net


    Moira Porter

    Students Last Name: K-Z

    Email: mporter@lexington4.net


    Phone: 803-490-7007

    FAX: 803-568-1117


    Hours: 8:00 am- 3:45 pm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.  How do I set up a Parent-Teacher Conference?

        A.  You may contact the teacher directly via the email addresses on the Swansea High School  website.  The format is: first initial last name@ lexington4.net.  For example: mporter@lexington4.net

        B. Contact guidance at 803-490-7007 or mporter@lexington4.net or  lwilliams@lexington4.net

     and we will set up an appointment time.


    2.  How does my student register for classes?

        Click on the Registration link to the right for a complete explanation.


    3.  How do I request to change a class?

    A course change can only be considered under the following conditions:

    ·       The student has failed under the assigned teacher (the student may request another teacher).

    ·          The student has passed a class that is listed on the schedule.

    ·          The student has not passed a prerequisite course for a class that is listed on the schedule.

    ·     A student requests a schedule change for health conditions.  A doctor’s statement must be provided prior to change.

    ·          A class is cancelled.


    4.  What is an IGP?  Why is it important?

        An IGP is an Individual Graduation Plan.  This plan helps students and parents discuss future career plans and classes for the upcoming school year.  The importance of this meeting is to answer any questions and receive information that may help a student make decisions about their future career so that we might help them choose classes that will help them to reach their career goal.


    5.  What if my student is having problems with another student at school?

        Students should immediately contact their guidance counselor and/or an administrator.

    Helpful Websites

    Click on this link to view websites that will be helpful to you and your student.

    State Scholarship Brochure

    Scholarships for all students

    Scholarship Websites

    Free Financial Aid Website

    NCAA Eligibility Center


    Scholarship Information

    Click on this link for a list of current underclassmen scholarship opportunities.

    Click on this link for a list of scholarship websites that will be helpful in your student's search for college scholarship information.


    Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conference.s are MANDATORY statewide for all students in grades 8 through 12 pursuant to Section 59-59-70 of the South Carolina Education and Economic Development Act

    Both you and your child need to be present on the date of your conference with his/her guidance counselor. We encourage you to discuss career goals and academic progress with your child prior to coming to the conference. Along with reviewing high school class registration, we will discuss your child’s academic progress, college majors, interest/skills assessments, goals, and plans for the future. We will also discuss your child’s high school major!

    If you are unable to attend the conference, please call to reschedule at a time that is convenient for you, or read and sign the form attached that gives permission for a relative, family friend, teacher, or guidance counselor to discuss and establish your child’s IGP. If you plan to designate a representative return the signed form to the Guidance Office. However, if you prefer to schedule a phone conference in lieu of a face-to-face conference, please call the office and ask to speak to your child’s guidance counselor.

    Due to the large number of conferences being held and the amount of time we have been given to complete them, the option to reschedule this date and time is very limited. We appreciate your support in honoring the conference schedule. 

    Your conference will last approximately 20 minutes. You will need to go into the main office. Call your child’s guidance counselor at (803) 568-1050 if you need to reschedule your conference. We cannot guarantee your child’s high school classes until you attend his/her conference!


    Click on this link to print a copy of the designee form.


    2015- Click on this link to view a Power point presentation with tips to registration.


    Below are links to community organizations that offer a variety of assistance programs throughout Lexington County.

    Click here for the Lexington and Richland County Resource Guide

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