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Craig Baker

Ext. 34011

 Assistant Principal

Gib Lackey

Ext. 34012

 CATE Director

Carrie Tucker

Ext. 34013

Support Staff


Tamara Purdue

Ext. 34001


Enoree Marchant


 Athletic Director

Gregory Wright

Ext. 34104


Aramis Hillary

Ext. 34212


 Students A-J

Latoya Williams

Ext. 34032

 Students K-Z

Moira Porter

Ext. 34031

 Student Records/Registrar

Marsha Jones

Ext. 34023



Chris Fox

Ext. 34164



Desiree Kinneer

Ext. 34139

Automotive Technology


John Hardy

Ext. 34141/143



Travis Kelly

Ext. 34147/145


Computer Applications, Photoshop

Thomas McGarry

Ext. 34245

Google Applications, Networking

Wayne Grigsby

Ext. 34243


Chorus, Guitar

Gregory Pittman

Ext. 34144/146


 English 2 Honors, English 3

Laura Liger

Ext. 34205

AP Language, English 3

Kelli Gregory

Ext. 34206

English 2, English 4

Gerald Hemingway


English 2, English 3, Creative Writing

Jeff Morris

Ext. 34209

English 3, English 4

Joe Olean

Ext. 34208

Foreign Language

 Spanish 1

Jeremy Cogdill

Ext. 34233

 Spanish 2, 3

Maria Briceno

Ext. 34231

Health Science

Health Science1, 2,       Health Science Clinical Studies

Kelly Kemmerlin

Ext. 34162

Health Science 1

Kelly Hartley

Ext. 34242


JROTC 3, 4

Michael Williams

Ext. 34174

JROTC 1, 2

Michael Rowland

Ext. 34170


Algebra 2 Honors, PLTW Engineering

Chad Meredith

Ext. 34163

Geometry, PLTW 

Charles McKinney

Ext. 34154

Prob/Stats, AP Stats, Pre-Calculus

Carol Smith-Dailey

Ext. 34157

Intermediate Alg, Geometry, AP Calculus

Bryley Murphy

Ext. 34159

Alg 2, Geometry

Edmar Orata

Ext. 34152

Geometry, Prob/Stats

Rogen Doronila

Ext. 34150

Media Center

Media Specialist, Yearbook

Emily Taylor

Ext. 34041

Physical Education

Special Olympics

Marty Mack

Ext. 34112

PE 2, 3

Willie Thomas

Ext. 34112


Chemistry Honors, Physics

Melodie Sharpe

Ext. 34238

Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors, AP Biology, Human Body Systems

Carrie Turner

Ext. 34239

Biology, Chemistry

Len Frederick

Ext. 34246

Biology 1 & 2, Anatomy and Physiology

Bonifacio Fabia

Ext. 34244

Social Studies

Government, Economics, AP Government, AP Macro Economics

Tecoya Brantley-Williams

Ext. 34215

US History and Constitution, AP US History, Teacher Cadet

Daniel Teater

Ext. 34217

Western Civilization, US History and Constitution

Jason Furtick

Ext. 34216

World History, Law Education

Izaiah Perrin

Ext. 34214

Special Services

Community Living, Career Prep

Beth Tuten

Ext. 34136

ELA Inclusion

Michelle Richards

Ext. 34227

ELA, Career Prep

Maurie Singletary

Ext. 34218

Academic Assistance

Barbara Smith

Ext. 34221

ELA, Math, Independent Living

Crystal Robinson

Ext. 34140

Math, Career Prep

Hannah Helms

Ext. 34224

Math Inclusion

Wendell Simspon

Ext. 34228


Welding 1, 2, 3

Jamie Poole

Ext. 34133/34135

Other Programs

Adult Education

Shannon Maddox

803 399-7979

Alternative Education

Ebony Butler

Ext. 10302

GED Academy

Vicki Johnson

Ext. 10303


Tammy Jones

Ext. 34161

Virtual School                                         

Patricia Reed

Ext. 34241