Summer Reading 2016 College Prep

Swansea High School

Summer Reading 2016

To:  SHS Students


Summer reading is very important for you to do in order to maintain your current reading level and to increase your comprehension skills.  Reading, whether you realize it, will help you expand your vocabulary, write essays, understand texts, and communicate with others. Also, the more you read on a regular basis, the easier and more enjoyable it will become.  Reading regularly over the summer will also increase your success in all of your classes next year at Swansea High School.


Swansea High School students are encouraged to reach the gold level for summer reading which is 1200 minutes of reading throughout the summer.  You may read books (fiction/nonfiction), magazine articles, newspaper articles, or articles on the Internet.  Although you do not have to read every single day, you should keep track of your reading minutes on the attached summer reading logs, which will be turned in to your English teacher at the beginning of the school year.  Students will be recognized for the amount of time they spend reading as described by the different levels below.



It is your destination. Map out your summer reading goal.  Where will you go and which route will you take?



·        1200 minutes = approximately 120 minutes per week/ 20 minutes per day



    1000 minutes = approximately 100 minutes per week/ 17 minutes per day



    800 minutes = approximately 80 minutes per week/ 13 minutes per day



Please see the attachment below for the summer reading log.






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