Tardy Policy

Instruction time is critical to the success of students.  Each student is entitled to the maximum instruction time available.  Therefore, the goal of the tardy policy is to encourage students to be on time and in class each day and to reinforce lifelong habits.  Swansea High School will enact the following policy for tracking, documenting, and disciplining students that show a pattern of tardiness to class.  

A student will be identified, and disciplined, as showing a pattern of tardiness when they reach benchmarks of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cumulative tardies.  The cumulative number of tardies is determined by adding tardies together from all classes.  A student has the potential to be tardy to 7 classes in one day and be identified as showing a pattern of tardiness after day one.    

A description of Administrative Action at each benchmark is listed below:

5th Cumulative Tardy

  • Notify Home via School Messenger (automated calling system)
  • Provide student with notice in writing (provided through 1st Period)

10th Cumulative Tardy

  • 1 day of After School Detention assigned by Administrative Assistant

15th Cumulative Tardy

  • 1 day of ISS assigned by Administrative Assistant

20th Cumulative Tardy

  • 1 day of Out of School Suspension assigned by Administrator


25th Cumulative Tardy

  • 3 day of Out of School Suspension

30th Cumulative Tardy

  • Recommendation for Expulsion