Teacher Websites

Science Department

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Mr. Frederick (please click here)

Mrs. Sharpe (please click here)

Mr. Komoroski (please click here)

Physical Education

General Physical Education

Coach Mack (please click here)



Math Department

Pre-Calculus, Probability & Statistics, and Math Tech IV

Ms. Smith-Dailey (please click here)

Mr. Meredith (please click here)


Social Studies Department

US History, Western Civilization, and World History

US History(please click here)

Mrs. Brantley-Williams (please click here)


English Department

English II Honors, AP Literature, Mythology

Ms. Gregory (please click here)

Mr. Hemingway (please click here)

Mrs. Richards (please click here)


Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)

Mrs. Tammy Jones (please click here)

Agriculture and Science

Automotive Technology

Special Education

Mrs.Crystal Robinson (please click here)

Ms. Beth Tuten (please click here)